If You Have The Fire We Are Ready To Hire

Interview Proccess

  1. Aptitude Test (In this test there will be Mathematics, logical reasoning question along with your domain/platform related questions)
  2. If the test is cleared, there will be first face to face technical discussion round. (Basic technical round)
  3. Second technical round ( Advance technical round)
  4. Practical test.
  5. HR/ Final round.

Career With Us

Asp.Net Master

A master coder with Asp.Net – can convert requirements to actual applications. Has created client side optimized web apps using their excellent knowledge of Html, Css, JavaScript/jQuery. Web services and AJAX are common words in their vocabularies. For more details and post your resume online visit here.

CMS/PHP Master

A master coder with PHP – can quickly understand 3rd party code quickly and make required changes. Knows common PHP CMS like Joomla and Wordpress. Person with basic knowledge of Drupal will be preferred. For more details and post your resume online visit here.

Web designer

A Photoshop designer with excellent knowledge of html. Knows how to slice images that can be used in CSS and provide html that a developer can use. For more details and post your resume online visit here.

Tester / QA

A Tester / QA with excellent knowledge of analytical skills. Knows how to create Test Plan, performing Test efforts estimation with good understanding of black box/ white box testing methodologies. For more details and post your resume online visit here.

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Other Positions

Independently from our current openings we are always on the lookout for talented people and you are welcome to send your inquiries to

The Opportunity

Here at ITW, we are looking for people who solve challenges. We do not have ordinary people working on ordinary projects. We are always in search for that “Extra” tag in every aspect. ITW is the land of Opportunity for the Enthusiastic. So, If you are ambitious. If you are motivated. You want to work on cutting edge projects. You prefer the we to the I. You are not afraid of change. You are not afraid of challenges. You have a true passion for what you do. You have dreams and you want to make them a reality. You hate mediocrity. You love Dilbert, but you hate working in Dilbert's company.

You have always wanted to work in a great company. A company without politics. A company with a streamlined process. A place where people are just as smart as you. A place where everyone is relaxed. A place without a strict dress code. A place with nice people. A place where people care about their work and about customers. A company where you can give life to your ideas and make an impact. A place where you are happy to spend a great deal of your day. A place where you are happy to learn and to teach. A company where you are valued. A company where you feel you belong. Then, ITW welcomes you to join the team of talented "Idooer's".

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