Our Hiring Process

If You Have The Fire We Are Ready To Hire

How we Hire?

We are always in search of our next Idooer. We look for people who treat work as fun and are not afraid of big challenges. We are looking for people who are good for ITW for the long term. Our hiring process includes an aptitude test with a series of Interview.

What can give you the tag of Idooer?

We give importance to determination to grow over experience. So, If you have the vision and determination to see yourself as a leader, then you have cross the major hurdles to get the Idooer tag. During your onsite interview at ITW, you would likely be interviewed by two or three Idooer. They would look for the following things in You:

  • All-Rounder

    We are always in search for candidates who have diversified skill-set rather than an isolated skill-set. The Idooer will be working under various projects requiring different skill-sets. This gives the Idooer to get exposure to enhance their multi-tasking skill sets.

  • Leadership

    In ITW, a Idooer would be continuously working under various projects. So, compliance and flexibility needs to be a key ingredient in a Idooer. The Idooer is synonymous to a leader, so if you have experience or the ability to lead teams in diversified areas, you are likely to fetch the Idooer tag.

  • Think Different

    We are not looking for people who just have high grades and degrees. We believe grades are just numbers, its the thinking that matters to us the most. We will judge you on your problem solving skills. It is not the “right” answer we would be looking forward to, rather it is the “different” answer that would make you closer to the Idooer tag.

  • Being Yourself

    We are a company in which each employee has a different skill-set and we never expect them to be something they never are. We believe each candidate is unique in terms of his skill-set, strengths and weaknesses. It is the strength of ITW to effectively use the unique skill-set of the Idooer. So just chill and be yourself.

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